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How Can I Travel to Olympos?

If you buy ticket from the bus operators “Kamil Koç” and “Metro Turizm” in Istanbul and Ankara with the final destination being “Finike”, you can directly get off the bus at Olympos main minibus stop without any further need for transfer from Antalya. If you are traveling from Antalya, you can reach Olympos by getting on the minibuses of companies such as Çiçek Tur, Batı Antalya Koop, Antalya Tur or Kumluca Seyahat that depart from the main bus terminal of Antalya. The journey takes approximately 1 hour 20 minutes. In any case, after you get off at Olympos main minibus stop on the main route, you will need to take another minibus that departs hourly from the main minibus stop in Olympos on the main route to the lodging houses that you are going to stay (in winter time, they depart every 2 hours). This journey takes 15 minutes. You can get off the minibus by informing the driver which lodging house you are going to stay. Otherwise, driver will drop you off at the last stop which is the box office.  

How can I go to Olympos from Antalya Airport?

You can go to Antalya main bus terminal by taking a taxi from the airport and then you can get on the minibuses of Batı Antalya Koop or Antalya Tur companies that go to Kumluca – Kaş direction. We can also organize the airport transfers. Transfer service is charged. Please call us to obtain further information about transfer.  

What Kind of Accommodation is Available in Olympos?

There are 2 main types of accommodation in Olympos as Bungalows and Tree Houses.  

Can you give some information about tree houses?

This is a type of room that offers only a bed on the floor that is mostly preferred by foreign tourists and sometimes by local tourists with the bathroom and WC facilities used commonly by other guests.  

Can you give some information about bungalows?

Bungalows are assumed to be more luxurious compared to tree houses. They offer private bathroom and WC, air-conditioner, wardrobe and bedside table. The beds are different from tree houses. 1stclass beds are used.  

How Far the Premises are Located from the Beach?

The distance between our premises and beach is around 800 meters which means 10 minutes walking distance. You will access the beach passing through the Olympos ancient city. There is no private service establishment on the beach in Olympos.  

What are the Available Activities in Olympos?

The daily activities in Olympos include canoe, daily boat trips, rafting (in summer), climbing, walking, bicycling, diving, etc. Or, you can just swim and sunbath as many of our guests prefer.  

How About Having Fun in Olympos?

There are venues and clubs with live music in Olympos. For those that would like to rest, there are verandas and hammocks for you to lie down and rest in our premises.  

What is the Distance between Olympos and Çıralı?

It takes approximately 10 minutes if coast path is taken between Olympos and Çıralı. It takes 30 minutes to drive from the land route.  

What is the Distance between Olympos and Adrasan?

It is around 20 km between Olympos and Adrasan. There is no possibility for our guests to travel by minibus. You can only travel by your own private car or taxis.  

Where are the Historical Sites in Olympos?

The historical sites are on the way to the beach in Olympos. There are entry paths and signboards to the area where historical sites are found on the left and right side of the road leading to the beach. You can find these sites easily by following such signboards. The road leads to the beach.  

How Can I Travel to Antalya from Olympos?

There are minibuses that depart in front of the box office in Olympos passing through the lodging houses and other establishments reaching the main Minibus Stop on the main route to Antalya. You can take one of these minibuses and take the minibuses to Antalya that stop in this main minibus stop every 10 minutes. The journey will take around 2 hours.  

Is there ATM or Bank in Olympos?

There is no bank in Olympos. Only mobile ATMs are available in summertime. Establishments accept credit cards.  

What is Included in the Price if I Stay in the Lodging House?

The accommodation is half board in the lodging house. That means open buffet dinner and breakfast is included.  

Where is Olympos located?

Olympos is located 100 km west to Antalya. It is 30 km away from Kumluca and 35 km from Kemer.  

How Can I Travel to Fethiye from Olympos?

You can take the minibuses that pass through our premises hourly and reach the main minibus stop of Olympos on the main route. Then, you can take Batı Antalya Koop minibuses that also pass the main minibus stop every thirty minutes and travel to Fethiye. It approximately takes 6 hours. There is no minibus service after 3:00 p.m.  

What is the Distance between Olympos and Antalya in Km?

It is 100 km between Olympos and Antalya.  

Is there a Hotel in Olympos?

There is no hotel in Olympos. There are only lodging houses.  

Is it Possible to Pay by Credit Card? Do You Accept Payment in Installments?

It is possible to pay by credit card however there is no installment option. 
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